The Art Galleries You Must Visit

Are you planning to visit something new?
If you already try shopping, eating in restaurants, island hopping, and then, you want to try something new. You must visit the following art galleries!
Since February is the month of love and the national art month as well. It doesn’t mean that February is about to the end we can’t celebrate the National Art Month. Art galleries are always open at any time you want to visit.
This will make your visit memorable!
1. Kalye Art Gallery
Maybe you’ve seen a lot of galleries, but if you are looking for a different style gallery, you must visit the Kalye Art Gallery. This is very different in the usual art gallery. It looks like a normal street corner, but if you don’t know, it features various types of exhibitions. This is one of the galleries you must try.

2. Pinto Art Gallery
If you want the most beautiful gallery that you can find easily, you must visit the Pinto Art Gallery. You will see here the worldly art experience. Not just paintings but also it has their natural art around.

3. Silahis Art and Artifacts
If you are a type of person that wants to have a deep understanding of history, you must visit this art gallery. It is not also just an art gallery but also a shop, a double purpose for everyone. They exhibited not just about paintings and sculptures; they also displayed pictures of the lives of their ancestors.

4. Kulayara Art Gallery
At first, it will look like a relaxed and cozy place like your home. But definitely, this place is an art gallery. The gallery like a restaurant, it has coffee and food inside that you can spend your time with your loved ones.

Art never gets old; it always amazes us every time we look at it. Check out to this art gallery you must visit.